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Here at Christies we take pride in preserving your treasured memories


Have your family sporting history preserved for future generations to come

War Service

It is very important to us as it is to you to have your memories preserved of your families that have histories in the wars that have affected our nation and the world. Preserve the stories of these people by framing their war medals and other mementos.

Most families have a personal archive of historic photos and information, handed from one generation to the next. The problem is that most of this war memorabilia (especially war medals and photos) tarnishes, fades, or gets damaged in the process, or in storage.

Framing these mementos of a war veteran or Sports man displays their story. But it also preserves photos and belongings for generations to come.

It is vital that the framing materials don’t damage the artwork. Acid-free and UV-resistant products are the best to work with.

We  recommend products like:

  • Acid-free foam core backings,

  • Acid-free matboards,

  • Adhesive-free mounting solutions, and

  • Conservation grade framing glass (usually 99% UV resistant)

The acid-free materials prevent further harm coming to the artwork which acid-based materials will introduce.

Very high-quality framing products will even neutralise existing acids – such as in the metals of a war medal.

UV blocking glass prevents fading caused by UV rays.

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